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How to Become a Massive Tube Celebrity Free Report

Now You Too Can Benefit From These Video Celebrity MethodsBeing a YouTube celebrity is undoubtedly one of the coolest ways to make money online. Not only are you getting paid a rather large passive income potentially but you’ll also be doing something that is highly rewarding – creating content and getting large amounts of feedback about it from a legion of fans! Video Information Producer

If you become big enough, it can eventually lead to more opportunities – whether that means appearing on television or just becoming such a household name that people eventually start to notice you when you’re out and about! Making money from a blog or as an affiliate marketer can sometimes be a bit of a thankless job… But making it from creating YouTube content is hugely exciting and presents massive opportunities and possibilities! Video Information Producer

But of course, this is something that everyone knows. Just about everyone finds this prospect appealing and there is certainly no shortage of people trying to make it big on the platform (and often failing). So the question is how you stand out and succeed where others have not been able to. And that’s where this guide comes in. Go and make yourself a cup of tea, sit down somewhere comfortable and read on. We’re about to lay out the exact set of steps you need to follow to become a massive YouTube celebrity and start making huge money talking on subjects you’re passionate about… V̲i̲d̲e̲o̲ ̲I̲n̲f̲o̲r̲m̲a̲t̲i̲o̲n̲ ̲P̲r̲o̲d̲u̲c̲e̲r̲

The basic steps to becoming a big YouTube sensation are relatively simple. The idea is simply to create a channel and then to post regular content there. This way, you can demonstrate to your audience that you’re an authority and that you know the subject you’re discussing. At the same time, you’ll find that this allows you to gradually gain subscribers as people decide they want to be regularly updated about your content.

So over time, your content will grow and grow and you’ll find yourself developing a following. This then makes you an influencer – you now have the ability to influence the hearts and minds of your audience and potentially encourage them to make purchases based on your recommendations. In turn, that means that advertisers and sponsors will want to work with you.

The best way to get paid advertising through YouTube is to use Google’s own PPC network. This means that adverts will show on top of your videos or right at the start before they play. If the viewer watches all the way through, or if they click on the ad, then you will get paid a small amount by the advertiser (anything from .01 cent to several dollars).

Often it takes hundreds of thousands of views daily to get to the point where you’re making any real money from your advertising alone. But what you can also do, is to make money from sponsorship deals whereby companies will pay you simply to mention their products or services in a positive light and to make money from selling your own products from your site. A lot of fitness YouTubers will do this for instance by creating some kind of workout program. They can then gain followers by making videos that share fitness advice and inspiring training videos and meanwhile promote their plan that shows people how to get into ‘great shape like them’.

It’s a simple but highly effective business model and the benefit of video is that it’s that much easier to really promote a product that you’ve created and to get people to really want it.

So now the question becomes: how do you build your following?

Because it’s important that you be prepared for the reality when you first get started. You might be hoping that you’ll upload your video and find yourself suddenly inundated with views. Unfortunately, what’s much more likely to happen is that you’ll upload your video and find you have zero views.

And perhaps after a month, you’ll have 3 views… Despite having put in hours of effort!

This is just the nature of the beast, however, and the key at this point is to keep plugging away while doing everything you can to get noticed. While it can feel a bit disheartening, just know that every view you get is improving your chances of being seen again (especially if the video is watched all the way through) and that you can always re-promote old videos in future.

What’s important here though, is that you’re approaching your content creation and promotion in the right way to give yourself the very best chance of growing.

So what is it that makes some YouTube channels really take off whereas others flounder?

The key is to provide real value. This can be informative value, it can be entertainment value or it can be something else entirely… but either way, you need to be giving your viewers a compelling reason to stick around and making it worth their while. Think about your own viewing habits – what kind of content are you inclined to stick around and read and when are you more likely to switch off?

At the same time, you need to offer high production values. That means your videos should be glossy and professional-looking, which makes for a much more pleasant viewing experience. Even if you’re providing great information, a grainy, dark, and quiet video will get a lot of people turning off before the end out of frustration. That and people are much more likely to trust the information you impart if you do so in a professional manner as part of a professionally made video!

Finally, you need a strong brand and you need to promote that brand elsewhere around the web. This will help people to get a much better understanding of what you’re all about and to find multiple ways to get more content from you.

All this will be combined with some savvy marketing and smart video titles and what that will do, is mean that the right people are stumbling upon your videos. They’ll get a clear idea of what kind of content you produce right away and they’ll be impressed by the high quality of your videos and the excellent information/entertainment therein – which will lead to more people subscribing.

So let’s start with that first and most crucial step: providing real value. How do you make sure that the content you’re creating is content that people are excited about and that is worth their while subscribing and checking back?

What’s also important here is that you make your content consistent and have a strong brand tying it all together.

And one of the best tips on all these fronts is to avoid trying to appeal to everyone. Attempting to make a YouTube channel with a very broad appeal will almost always mean that nobody is going to be especially excited about your brand. Instead, then, you should try to find a specific niche, a specific demographic, and a narrow focus and then target that area specifically. This will enable you to stand out and create something that a certain type of person will be able to get excited about.

And if you then focus on making your content high quality, while also creating strong branding, you’ll find that some people only need to see one video of yours in order to sign up!

What makes a great quality YouTube video?

Providing value means that you need to set out with an objective – whether that’s to entertain or inform – and then to complete that objective quickly. Unless you’re creating content like ‘Play Through’ (video of someone playing a computer game from start to finish), then a good tip is to try and keep your video short where possible. This increases the likelihood that your videos will get watched from start to finish, which is an important metric for YouTube that will lead to increased rankings and viewings for you. Meanwhile, having shorter content essentially means that the value you’re providing will be denser – people will have to wait less in order to get more value, making the overall ratio of high-quality footage much higher!

Create videos that answer specific questions, or that deliver specific information and target this content to one audience that you know will appreciate it. That way, you’ll be able to consistently deliver value which will lead to you gradually building more and more fans.

The reason that your branding is important, is that it is going to help you to stand out and make it very clear what your channel is all about. This is another reason that having a strong focus is important and why it’s smart to go niche.

Imagine this scenario: you’re someone who loves lifting weights, not for aesthetics and to look good but because you enjoy the grit and the challenge.

Then you find a video called ‘The Most Ultimately Hardcore Arms Workout’, find that it is incredibly well made, and notice that the channel is called ‘Iron Warriors’ with a picture of a dumbbell being bent by two strong arms.

If you’re into that sort of thing, then all this imagery together will be enough to communicate loudly what your channel is about and what the ethos behind it is; and you’ll know instantly that it’s for you and will be likely to subscribe!

So how do you create a brand like that for your own channel?

It starts by identifying who that target audience is, what your missions statement is, and what it is that is going to set you apart from other, similar channels. Once you’ve done that, you can then work on creating a channel name that speaks to that idea and you can work on building a logo to go with it.

If you know how to use Illustrator, then you can create your logo yourself. Illustrator creates ‘Vector’ files, meaning that they can be easily resized without losing any quality and meaning that they can be edited too without having to draw over them.

Choose a logo that communicates the feeling you want your channel to have and that will appeal to the precise kind of person you want to become a fan of your content. At the same time, try to keep it simple and easily replicable and always be careful to avoid any clichés – like lightbulbs, ticks or globes which are seriously over-done in the world of logos!

If you aren’t confident about all this though, then it’s highly advisable to outsource the creation of your logo to someone that knows what they’re doing and that does it professionally. This is an investment that will pay off a lot over time, so don’t be cheap!

Once you’ve created this logo, you can then use it not only for your channel’s cover page but also overlay it on top of your videos to really reinforce the connection and increase your brand awareness with viewers. Likewise, you should look into creating a ‘video opener’ which will be a short video that serves much like an ‘opening credits’ of sorts to tell people about your channel.

This will help to give your video more structure and will set the tone for what follows. At the same time, it’s yet more opportunity to showcase what you’re all about – perhaps by including clips from previous videos, or music that is fitting for your attitude.

No matter how good the content of your videos though, or how appealing your brand is, you’re always going to need to create high-quality and crisp videos if you hope to make a real impression on your audience.

This is important because it makes your video that much more enjoyable to view but also because it inspires more trust and authority. In other words, if your video looks professionally made, then people will automatically be more likely to trust what you say and assume that you’re a proper authority in your niche. Conversely, if the video looks like it has been filmed on an old camcorder from the 70s in a dark room and it’s grainy, then no one will be bothered to stick around and will be very unlikely to want to buy your products.

First impressions mean everything on YouTube, just like they do in real life!

So what do you need to do to create a video that will be up there with the very top channels in your niche? This is a subject that we dive into in much more detail in the full ebook but we can cover a lot of the basics here.

First of all, you need to ensure that your image quality is good. That means you need to be recording in at least 1080p. 4K is optional, although most people still don’t have 4K displays yet – so it’s really not a requirement. Likewise, you should be recording at 30fps minimum but 60fps will be even better.

Does this mean buying a high-end camera? Not necessarily! Actually, if you have a Galaxy S6, S7, or Note 7 lying around, this will record for you in 4K and at 60fps! It doesn’t have great image stabilization so it’s not ideal if you plan on doing press-ups and jumping around on-screen – but otherwise, it will do the job. The same goes for an iPhone. That said, if you can invest in a better camera then this will be preferable and especially if you can find one with a rotating preview screen so that you can make sure you’re in the shot and in focus.

What’s actually even more important than the number of pixels though is the lighting. Even a bad quality camera will look better in good lighting than a low-quality camera in bad lighting! That’s because low light introduces noise and makes everything less crisp and clear.

There is a free solution when it comes to your lighting, which is to stand by a window on a sunny day. Natural light is still the preference and this will help to create a light that is just soft enough to look natural, while still brightening everything up. Don’t try and use a spotlight because it will cause so many shadows as to obscure the shot.

Another option is to invest in softboxes. These are lights used for filming that are very powerful but housed in translucent boxes. These work very well because the casing for the lights softens them, thereby creating something very akin to natural light. These are quite expensive and take up a lot of space though and it’s worth getting two so that you can place them opposite one another. That said, they’re probably the most professional option and they prevent you from relying on on the sun being out whenever you need to film!

Or if you want a compromise solution, then you can try a halo ring. These are rings of light that help to provide a more even light that avoids shadows. Unfortunately, though, they can sometimes end up reflecting in your eyes, which makes it look like you have cats’ eyes!

As well as lighting, what’s also highly important is sound quality. Many creators overlook the importance of sound but actually, it’s more important than video in many ways! If you create a video with poor sound quality, it’s often the first thing commenters will mention and this can really detract from what’s otherwise a very good video.

Fortunately, this can be very easy to fix. All you need is a phone and a lapel mic. You can then attach the lapel mic to a collar and plug it into your phone and record using the native recorder app on your device. Once you’re finished, you just need to merge the video and audio clips in your chosen video editor and choose to merge ‘by audio’ in order to synchronize them.

The final piece of the puzzle is you and the way you design the video. Make sure that you speak slowly and clearly but try to ‘act’ what you’re saying and use big gesticulations to come across as passionate and enthusiastic. The camera will steal your energy, so it’s important to make everything BIG to come across in an engaging manner.

You also need to think about the backdrop, the way you’re going to record yourself, whether you have a script and how you’re going to structure your videos. A good tip is to check out videos created by your favorite YouTubers and pay attention to what they’re doing. How are they holding your attention? How do they present themselves? What do you like about their setup? And what would you change? Video Information Producer Make sure to keep practicing and watching it back and don’t worry if you don’t come across as a consummate professional right away. It takes a while to learn and actually, a little vulnerability can humanize you and make you seem more approachable!

If you’re interested to learn more about how to present yourself and create videos that really engage the user, then make sure to check out the full ebook where we go into all of that in a lot more detail. We’ll also explore how to promote your videos, the best strategies you can use to bring more viewers to your channel, YouTube SEO, and more!

But for now, you should have the basic formula that you need to follow to begin growing an audience. The most important thing is just that you get out there and start creating video. Over time, you’ll build momentum and find your own workflow. Video Information Producer And cheesy though it might sound… be yourself! Everyone is different and if you can bring your own spin to proceedings then this will help to differentiate you and help you to find your own audience that likes the way you do things. Good luck and happy YouTubing!